New Seidensticker Shirts Autumn 17

Here at Brooks Menswear we have a great selection of New Seidensticker shirts Autumn 17, now available both in store and online!

Available across a variety of different styles we have a super choice of check, stripe and self coloured shirts. We have sold Seidensticker for ten years or more and it is their quality that really stands out.

The vast majority are described as non iron but in my experience a little ironing might be required.

We have two fits currently in stock. The modern fit which is a standard regular fit, as well as a tailored fit. The tailored fit is akin to a tapered fit being slightly shaped at the waistband.

For some customers a regular fitting shirt has just too much material in the body, yet the customer needs the size for the collar. With a tailored fit the customer can get a much neater fit in the body. Seidensticker as a brand do five different fits but here at Brooks we find that we sell the modern and tailored fit best.

Seidensticker shirts are not the cheapest shirts that we sell but they are fantastic value as they are great shirts for the price.

When you try a Seidensticker shirt you will soon discover the comfort and satisfaction you don’t often find elsewhere. It might sound fanciful but they are a joy to wash and iron.

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